As I grow older, I’m learning.

Learning to appreciate time.

The time it takes to write this, and also appreciating you taking the time to read this…if anybody reads it.

I don’t know…just some random thought I had today.




ImageWith the advent of social media I think we’ve been conditioned to equate quantity with success. If we see someone with over 200 followers on Twitter or 2,000 friends on Facebook we automatically assume they must be important. Unfortunately a lot of people (self included) have fallen prey to this ideology. I think that we have forgotten the importance of one. In business one is the basis for all success; because all it takes is one person buying and liking your product. Where I think a lot of people are getting it wrong is everyone seems so focused on reaching the masses they often overlook what’s staring them right in the face. So today’s message is simple: One matters, one makes a difference, start with one.


Love is what it is. It is perfect. We aren’t. We try jamming our pieces into the puzzle that is love. The majority of the times my pieces don’t fit, but you can still tell what it is. I mean love never ends up looking as it intended. But I think that something in all our hearts realizes what it should look like. So it’s less about what the love looks like, and more about what went into making the love happen. I think that’s what we find beautiful. That’s what we pay for.