As I grow older, I’m learning.

Learning to appreciate time.

The time it takes to write this, and also appreciating you taking the time to read this…if anybody reads it.

I don’t know…just some random thought I had today.


Some thoughts on worship…(already posted on FB)

ImageSo many times in worship I’m selfish. I go into a worship service with only my needs in mind. I’ve had a tough week, I’m stressed out, and bills are due. Yesterday I realized that’s the wrong attitude to have. It’s all about God and how good He is. I think worship is a celebration of the fact that all my affection, and my attention are turned towards Him. I think a lot of people (self-included) are so focused on cooperate worship that we really limit ourselves in our overall relationship with God. The basis of knowing Him is having a knowledge of who He is. That knowledge won’t come during a Sunday am worship service. It comes on Tuesday night, when you and your wife just argued, and you can’t call anyone so you open your bible and ask God to reveal Himself to you. By the time Sunday rolls around you are fully aware of how awesome He is. Worship service should not be good because the P+W team sang all your favorite songs. Worship should be always incredible because who we worship is always incredible. So this week let’s not make worship service an event, but rather a lifestyle.