If only

If only.

If only I could learn to be normal.

If only I couldn’t dream.

If only regular didn’t seem so foreign to me.

If only.

If only I could learn how to blend in.

If only the mundane and usual were appealing.

If only I could be ordinary.

If only.


It’s just me.

Every so often I get into these moods.

That’s when I write.

I don’t like forcing things onto paper.

It doesn’t feel right, so I just wait.

It’s almost like a reward within itself. Waiting for that right moment.

I wouldn’t say I get inspired to write, but sometimes my heart gets full and my mouth won’t work.

So I write.

Being an adult is so complex. I wish I would’ve appreciated my youth more.

Religion is so sterile. Don’t get me wrong, I love God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I think they understood long before we realized that religion is not the answer. Maybe that is why He often eluded to friendship. Institutions were never the answer.

Well I think this moment is over. I’ve said all I’m going to say.

Oh yeah. One more thing.

I think this Courier New font I started using makes my blog look uber official.


It’s been a while. Alot has happened. I’ve learned so much about life these last several months of hardships…Here’s to all the lessons that will be learned this year.

Eternity is a long walk.

-W. Isaiah Garnett


I always think about what happens at the end of my life.

The last person that I meet.

The last friend I make.

The last word that I say.

I think about these things because I think it’s important to consider what I’m doing then still matters.

I hope by then I have something worth listening to. Something important enough, something valuable enough to pass on.

It’s funny, I always imagine myself an old man, but that is an end that is not promised. Death has found many in their youth. Who am I to say that I will not be counted among those taken early on?