I have all these ideas in my head.

All this inspiration in my heart, and no where to put it.

No one too listen.

I just want to be great at something that I love…

So I just keep learning, and listening.

Living in a world where all the voices of reason sound foreign. The thought of “ordinary” is like a cancer and “mundane” like psoriasis.

I wanna talk about things that matter, and not trivial conversations.

I’m done with trivial.

I want someone to tell me a good book to read. I wanna hear what people really think about life. I wanna talk about our failures and our greatest loves and leaps of faith. I want our discussion to have no boundaries. I wanna push the political envelope on issues that the media distorts. I want to talk about the media. I wanna talk about America, from a position of optimism. With like minded individuals who don’t look, dress, act or talk like me.

All these thoughts in my head.

Songs and rhythms…

A tapestry of emotion, experience…and bullshit.

Because anybody that’s lived a little knows that it’s not all pretty.

I could be great…

I could be insignificant…


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