Rate and Review.

Just a thought that I had.

I like to internet shop when ever funding permits. I really get a thrill out it. I can find exactly what I am looking for click the “checkout” button and 3-5 days later a large brown box truck squeezes in the parking spot in front of my apartment bearing gifts. However, I never buy anything without first checking out the reviews. Testimonials are a huge seller for me. I might really love that jersey, and it may have a great price. But if I see that skaterkid4521 ordered one and it was disfigured chances are I will not be making that purchase.

I was just thinking about the millions of people that can relate to that policy. Based on others success or disappointment we make a decision. To invest, or keep scrolling.

Then I started thinking about the reviews written by Paul, and John and Peter. The reviews they wrote on Jesus, they testified His behalf of His goodness and His mercy and love. I think that it’s a tragedy that I can buy into skaterkid4521 point of view, even though I never met him, and probably never will. So why is it so hard to believe what I read in the scriptures?


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