Nice shirt bro…

ImageI don’t think Jesus would wear skinny jeans, I think He’d be more of  a Wrangler type of guy. That’s just my opinion of course. At 5’10 (on a good day) 255lbs I tried the whole skinny jean scene…#nobueno. Let’s just say there was a whole lot of man in each of those pant legs. At the time even though I couldn’t breathe I thought I was super cool. Looking back now, not so much. It just confirms, the extremes that we will go to in today’s society to look hip, or be popular. I go to some churches and everyone looks spectacular. I can’t tell if I’m in church or on set for a Gap ad. Don’t get me wrong, I think looking your best for church honors the Lord, but I’ve been feeling like though we may look great, the people that we minister too may not be as fashionably aware as we are. I’m reminded of this when I’m in impoverished areas, or on some back roads in the country, and I’m talking with people who live in bad places. Some have, not showered or shaved in days. Their clothes are tattered and their shoes are worn. A lot of times, these people are only a few miles away from manicured church lawns and the cover worthy fashionistas that grace our aisles on Sunday morning.

 I believe vanity is the thief that has robbed the church blind. We place a great deal of importance on the appeal of the message but not too much stock in it’s content. When these fabrics wither, and these  buildings crumble no one will care about them. That awesome Diamond Co. shirt you bought, that Easter dress you wore last year, or those iguana green skinny jeans you wore last Sunday, that’s not going to matter to anyone. What will matter is who you helped, how you encouraged, what you did, what you said, and how you said it. I don’t ever want anyone God places in my life to feel like I’m out of reach.

I look at Jesus, and He was right there with the people He was ministering too. He was not in the latest designer clothes. He was not riding around on the newest model horse and chariot. He believed in who He was, and did not need to puff his image up with material goods. Let that sink in. I think about the sphere of influence Jesus had, from beggars to government politicians. He went from slums to the synagogues and was received in both not because of what he wore, but because of who He was. Who He was, was magnified by what He did, and how he did it. Who He was and what He did are what we are still talking about 2000 years later because of who He is.

Listen I am a fan of style and all things hip. I’m simply saying let’s not let our swagger separate us from the people were trying to reach.


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