You know, I was writing a whole other blog. I was trying to be really deep and super spiritual but I couldn’t finish it. I need to write about kindness. Do not let that word fool you. Kindness is a force to be reckoned with. Kindness is not weakness. Often times kindness precedes the most powerful force on earth. For where kindness is shown you can be sure love is not too far behind. I felt an urgency to write about kindness because I am not kind. Isn’t that crazy?! Not really. I never claimed I had any answers so you shouldn’t be so surprised. Sure, I will open the door for an older person. Of course I use manners when I am speaking to someone for the first time. I don’t use first names when I’m meeting people out of respect. Unless your name is Mr. or Mrs. which would be super weird. Kindness is more than niceties and pleasantries. Kindness is defined as a quality of being. (yes I did just bust out a definition thank you #official) I want to be kind when no one is around, that’s quality to me.

 Honestly I can’t say that I have been kind. I’ve only thought of myself, and my actions have reflected my ideals. However, kindness is the cure for the sickness that is selfishness. I think that kindness is me doing the best I can for you even if it’s just for a second. Even if the best I can do for you is helping pick up the coupons you dropped in the toothpaste aisle at the market. Maybe my best is not responding to anger with anger, because I believe kindness can be shown in what you don’t do or say.

You know what I find that is interesting about us humans? We can’t give what we aren’t giving ourselves. I cannot love someone else if I do not love myself. I cannot be honest with you, if I am not honest with myself. I cannot be kind to you if I mistreat and devalue who I am. That wouldn’t be balanced. You can’t take something out of nothing no matter how cool it sounds to say it. I just want to be kind, to my wife. I want my sons to say that their father was a kind man. It times past I would’ve measured myself by what I’ve done for my sake. Now I realize that the true measure of who I am can be found in what I’ve done for others.

That’s why I love Jesus. I look at what He did for us. I look at the things He said. I think about the things He could’ve said. He could’ve really embarrassed the woman at the well. He could’ve called the man out who had been sleeping with the woman the Pharisees wanted to stone. He didn’t. He did His best for those people that needed Him even if it was just for 2 or 3 scriptures. A moment of kindness can change a life.


2 thoughts on “Kindness.

  1. A word of kindness can change a destiny…that’s what i always believed. I don’t know if i’m kind, but lately, before complaining about the coldness of the world, i try to make the first step and to give something…I’m inspired by amazing people like yourself, people who doesn’t even know how kind and generous they really are…
    Thank you for this post…you wrote it beautifully.
    Blessings for you and for your lovely family,

    • why that’s an awesome point that you made. We do have to step out and take the first step. I am also encourage by people like yourself. People like you make this world a better place by what you give through your writings and through the acts of kindness that you show. Blessing to you and your family as well.

      -Isaiah Garnett

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