+Positive Charge +

There has been a lot said about positive thinking. We all know the benefits of it. We all know the awards that we can garner either relationally,spiritually, or commercially. So I won’t waste your time with a long drawn out blog on why you need to stay positive. Go on Google and you will find plenty of other blogs, and articles they can articulate way better than I can why a smile should stay on your face. Let me just speak to you as a guy that has been grumpy for the last 3 months, it’s true. Staying positive really does work and you need to do it. Stop reading and just smile. Smile when you wake up, smile when you get to the office. Smile when your boss says he appreciates your upbeat attitude, and smile on your way to the bank while you cash your check from your new promotion. Yes, so much can be said about positive thinking, but so much more can be said about being positive.


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