2nd is first to lose…

I remember loving you. Like my favorite song, you were all that I could think about. I couldn’t get you out of my heart. You made me feel like a super hero, and I thought that I could save you. I wanted to save you. I remember loving you. I remember staying up late til we fell asleep on the phone, I remember the first time that I called you. I called you from Kyle’s room because I didn’t have a phone in mine, I even remember that conversation. My heart was so full of love for you then, there was no way I could show you it all. I wanted to conquer your fears and mine. I wanted to be whatever it was you wanted me to be, but you could never chose me. You never chose me by choice, only by circumstance. Had those circumstance been different we would not be here. You would not be here. You would be another song I wrote, another tale I told. So no matter how many years we put between now and then, a part of me is still bleeding. People say you got to let go, and they are right, but I feel if I put their lives on display they may be guilty of the same things. I have a feeling things may be ending soon. We are not fixable. There are some things which cannot be undone, nor repaired no matter how much faith you have.

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