Love in Tuscaloosa

ImageThis weekend I visited my in laws in Alabama which was really cool. I particularly enjoyed getting to see the Crimson Tide scrimmage as over 20,000 faithful tide fans ventured out to that stadium in Tuscaloosa to support their beloved team. It’s crazy how the most profound moments happen during the most unforeseen times because this story has nothing to do with college football. Somewhere shortly before half-time I ventured to a horrible decrepit place known as the men’s bathroom. There is nothing more grotesque than a bathroom that has hosted the excrement from literally thousands of men. Not only is it visually offensive, but just the very atmosphere of that confined area screamed filth to all the senses. There in the midst of all that crud was a little girl with her dad. I guess it was one of those moments when mom was busy so the daughter had to go to the bathroom with her dad. This girl was probably 4 years old maybe 5, but she was still a baby. Surrounded by nastiness from wall to wall I could see that she was scared. I also watched as her daddy walked in front of her the entire time shielding her from the environment she was in, so that all that she could see was him. Every move she made he was there towering over her, and when she got a little curious he was there to ensure her that there was nothing worth looking at, and she listened. In that moment I was reminded of Jesus and how He longs to shield us from the dirtiness of this life, longing to be all that we see, and all that we trust. I’ll never forget that display of love shown by that father to that little girl. It touched my heart.


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