_Me and Jesus

ImageThe reasons why I follow Jesus aren’t theological. People like me, are commonly avoided, and deemed hazardous, prone to destructive behavior and explosive temper. Jesus hung on the cross with people like me. Jesus was innocent. Not only did he suffer a punishment He didn’t deserve, with people that were not like Him, He invited one of them home (the one that asked). There is a lot in the bible I don’t understand, but there are some things that resound as clear as day to me. At that moment when grace was extended, Jesus didn’t turn up his nose to this criminal. I think about the ugliness of that whole situation. All their faults all their failures and judgment carried out publically for everyone to see. Jesus didn’t look away or give this man some long eloquent speech. Jesus just told that man, that he was going home with Him. When I am caught in my sins, people run away, but Jesus runs to me and tells me one day I’m going to be with Him. He doesn’t care what I’ve done, or what I look like. He doesn’t care what people are saying about me. The man’s sentence was still carried out; he still had to face the consequences for his actions, but Jesus was a friend to that man at the worst time of his life, when everybody else wasn’t. People try to explain to me why I shouldn’t believe in Jesus. They try and show me numbers and statistics and sometimes they make good points. Then I read about Jesus, and even in spite of the doubts that I may have something in me just knows.


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