Who do you love?

ImageYou may not realize how much you love yourself, who you are the clothes you wear and the songs you sing. The friends you have, and even the revelations you receive. Some of us love ourselves because of what God has put in us, and we forget to just love God. I fall into that category. Loving the fact that I was called. Loving the fact that I could have an awesome ministry. Loving the revelations I would get when I got alone with God, and more importantly I loved how people treated me when I would share my heart with them. I loved what God was doing for me. How He made me look and feel. Don’t make my mistake and fall in love with what God does for you instead of who God is too you. Because overtime you will see that it will become less about God and more about you because that’s our nature, to choose ourselves. If left to myself without constant renewing of my mind I will choose me over God every time. I became my God and lost my way, but He is faithful to redeem us ,and restore us, and present us faultless.


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