ImageYou know why people love the web? People love the web because it’s easy. The internet has made it possible for people to portray themselves in the way they want to be seen, and not the way they actually are. In essence social media has made manipulation mainstream. Anyone can be an expert, as long as they know how to string buzz words together eloquently. This sucks because that means there may be actual businesses taking advice from sources that have no substance, no experience, and no back bone. It also means that people who actually are well versed in their fields may be ousted by some kid in a basement with copies of his dad’s favorite business books. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage people to dream and to aspire to reach their goals and their dreams but I also feel that people need to be honest, and stop pretending. Good insight become less valuable as all fields of industry become over saturated with experts. Great content get’s diluted when everyone claims to have the best formulas for success. On my twitter TL there are like 30 number 1 ways to increase interest in a blog. How am I or anyone else supposed to know which one is actually right? Nothing is wrong with learning, in fact I think its the most powerful tool for success, you don’t have to be an expert to be effective, just be yourself and stop pretending.


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