Real Talk

ImageTo give all of anything is dramatic. In any context you put it, whether it’s all your money, or all your problems, or all your disappointments. It’s dramatic in the sense that while someone is gaining the entirety of something at the same time someone is losing everything. It’s such a traumatic exchange. That (3) letter word holds so much weight: all. The notion of giving all is extremely popular in Christian circles. We sing it, we declare it, we post it on our Facebooks, but our lives prove not that we give our all, but some. So we parade ourselves around with an inflated sense of some proclaiming to the world we’ve given our all when we haven’t. I’m terrified at the thought of giving my all. I mean to give all of myself is freighting. I don’t like to surrender. I don’t like to be defeated. When you understand the weight and the gravity behind saying I give my all things become a lot clearer. Faith becomes as necessary as breathing when you realize you have depleted all that you are for the sake of something you haven’t even seen. Some can appear to be all for awhile but it lacks the fortitude to endure the duress of criticism, the agony of loneliness, and the strain of discouragement. Jesus, gave his all, and ended up alone on a tree. There’s nothing pretty or sentimental about it, its gut wrenching and brutal. Think about what you’re saying, don’t just say things because they sound nice or because it’s the cool “Jehovah jargon” of the day. Let it be real and from the heart. It won’t be eloquent, but it will be real, and that’s what He’s looking for.


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