10 Things I learned from Jack Bauer.


It would’ve been cool if I had learned 24 things… but I’m not that smart.

10 Things I learned from Jack Bauer

 1.       Never Give Up:  Regardless of the situation Jack is faced with he never gives up. I’m not saying you should work 24 hours straight, but I am saying tenacity pays off.


2.       Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Jack’s observant because most of the time his life is on the line. You need to be observant because there are opportunities everywhere and you need to be ready to capitalize on them whenever they appear.


 3.       Never Run From A Challenge:  You already know Jack doesn’t. I’m not going to waste time explaining why you shouldn’t run from a challenge; if you don’t know by now your reading the wrong list.


4.       Master Your Skill Set:  Jack knows what he’s good at and he uses those skills to accomplish his tasks. Same can be said for you, whatever you’re good at implement it into your strategy/brand/blog give your project a sense of you.


5.       Trust your gut: This one you can’t teach. When the time comes and your faced with a major decision you got go with what you feels right. Trust your insight, and the knowledge you’ve obtained about the project, chances are you’ll choose correctly, Jack always does.


6.        Before You Trust Your Gut, Do Your Homework:  Now before you go all crazy about what I said on number 5 you should know that I’m not suggesting you leave major decisions up to chance. Jack trusts his gut because he knows his stuff and you should too. So before you even get to the point where you’re facing that major decision, you should already be well versed in every facet and detail of your project.


7.       Be A Team Player: There would be no way that Jack could do all he does without a team of people supporting him.  You need people too. Can’t do it alone don’t even try. and if you can do it prepared to be stressed to the max. Trust your team and you’ll yield results.


8.       Take Risks:  Jack is a risk taker. He does what other people can’t and sometimes won’t do. That’s part of the reason why he’s so effective. You got to be that guy. Be the guy willing to put it all on the line when necessary, it will pay off.


9.       Stay Informed: One of the major components that ensure Jack’s success on his missions is his Intel. Jack has to know the facts. They have to be accurate and up to date for his sake and everyone around him.  This fact holds true with you as well. Make sure your research is correct and relevant to what you are working on. It will benefit you to be up to date.


10.   Get Results: His methods are drastic, but he gets the job done. You got to do whatever you got to do to make your work worthwhile. Be a person that makes things happen, and don’t stop making them happen until you get the job done, and done well.


Look we’re not all Jack Bauer, you’re you, and that’s awesome. Be you to the best of your ability and the world will benefit from it. I promise if you can implement these 10 things you’ll see marked increase in your productivity, your creativity, and you’re cash flow. Because people will pay for results, and you’ll be the one to give them.





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