Consistency gets Cash.

sexy  In today’s virtual world there is no principle that will yield as many benefits as CONSISTENCY. Because our society is ever learning and trends are always changing nothing is concrete. What seems relevant today may be extraneous tomorrow, so it’s extremely important we don’t end up in the latter category. **SELF DISCLAIMER** I wish I could tell you that I personally practice consistency, but the truth is I am impulsive by nature, and some of the major set backs that I have incurred professionally and personally have been because of my lack of consistence. So I cannot stress to you the importance of  training yourself to be consistent. Here are a few reasons why consistency proves to be so vital:

  • Consistently contributing new content to whatever platform your using will make the public perceive you as a voice that they can trust and they will in turn value your opinion.
  •  Constant exposure to any topic for a prolonged period of time will eventually make you an expert on your given field. Hopefully your fervor will overshadow that of your competitors so that not only will the public value your opinion, but esteem yours over others.
  • Many businesses are not consistent in their efforts to interact and connect with their clients and so they effectively distance themselves from the people they need, and the profit they want. All the more reason for you to be constant in your efforts and conscious of  rivals who are not.

See it’s really simple. Being consistent is the uncool thing now and days because companies are looking for the easy way into the consumers heart. #DONTBETHATGUY. Do the hard thing, put in the extra hours. It will be tough at first but if your consistent I promise you’ll reap the rewards.  Like I said, this is an area that I’m still growing in. I’ve been working at it for quite a while now and I’m already seeing results and I guarantee you will too.


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