Awesome isn’t as Awesome as it used to be….


When you think Awesome you think Optimus.

A lot of times when I’m meeting with people and I ask them what they want their project to do, and they usually respond with a lot of imagery words. How they want it to look, or what they want it too feel like, and that’s all fine and dandy, but my question is, what’s that going to sell? In today’s world people are no longer impressed by cool stuff you can do on a computer because the bar on freaking amazing computer technology is constantly being reset. So try relaying a simple message sincerely and (2) things will happen:

1.) It will connect you with your perspective client. When you get direct and real about the service your trying to offer it stops being about just another company trying to sell you something, and it becomes “Hey were both humans, we both go through the same things. I have this product/idea/service that helps me in my life and I think it will help you and yours.” BOOM! You make that connection and it won’t easily be broken.

2.) Have you ever seen something that is totally epic, and then you see your friends and you try to tell them what you just saw but it’s like you can’t quite express the magnitude of awesomeness you were just exposed to? Simple is easier to remember, and you want to be remembered. If the market your in is flooded with companies all bombarding the market with their “messages”. Be the one company who is the easiest to remember. Be thoughtful and humane in your approach and you will connect with your client deeper than market level.

Listen don’t waste your time money or effort trying to wow clients, win them by keeping it simple.



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