4 R’s of awesome!!

ImageSo if your like me and don’t have a lot of money, don’t let that stop you from dreaming big. Here are 4 key elements that I believe could help make the difference in your business endeavors, and yes they all start with R!!

  • Research: You got an awesome idea, and that’s great!! Now it’s time to find out what its going to take to make this thing work. So start talking to people, and hitting the web hardcore and figure out how to approach this in the most effective manner possible. Be prepared to make revisions and be open to suggestions, now isn’t the time to be arrogant or overly ambitious.


  • Relate: Okay so now your done researching and you have all the info you need to move forward with this thing that your doing! So now we take all the numbers and statistics and methods and so on and so forth and we flesh it out. You gotta find a way to take your research and simplify it to a very basic and relatable level. Usually extravagant ventures have extravagant costs so by you simplifying your idea not only are you making it easier for you perspective clientele and co-workers but you could be effectively cutting your costs as well.


  • Relay: You got your research and you’ve broken it down to it’s simplest and purest form. So with out even knowing you are now a certified expert on the subject of your idea. Now you bring your team in on what you got. Your developers , associates, salespeople whoever it is in your circle you can now confidently relay your idea effectively to people who can help make it even better. I think that this may be one of the most important R’s because now your idea has more then just your mind on it. Hopefully you have surrounded yourself with people who are as equally driven and creative as yourself, so they can shed some new light on your idea. Remember your mom used to tell you “2 heads are better than 1.” Well maybe she didn’t but the fact remains if this idea you have really matters to you you’ll be willing to accept any insight that will lead to the betterment of whatever it is you’ve dreamed of.


  •   Reveal: Now it’s time to share your idea with the world. You may succeed, or you may fail. But really at the end of the day what really matters is that you weren’t afraid to dream, and you worked your hardest to make it happen. That makes you a success in my book. 




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