Be Real


be real


People don’t like fake. I don’t think they ever will and they shouldn’t. Fake is for phonies, and no one wants to be a phony right? When marketing or promoting your business the message you convey should be an extension of yourself. People can relate to other people. That’s the trend your seeing now with a lot of new successful companies is their message is simplistic in nature. People like what they can touch, and feel and bear witness with. Here in the office my boss is always telling “People don’t want to be sold,” and I believe that is true. Today’s consumer is smarter and more knowledgeable of products and services especially with the advent of the web. So traditional methods of “selling” consumers on products or services aren’t really that effective. When building your brand, or making a site be original and organic in your approach, don’t over reach. Think about  people over profit and how to connect or convey  what ever it is your promoting/selling/branding/marketing. If your authentic and authoritative in your efforts people will respond. That’s what people are looking for, something real.



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