I think when were young we have all these realities in our head that we think are going to pan out but never do. Like staying in contact with buddies from high school or marrying your senior year sweetheart, and for some of us life turns out just as we planned it, but for people like me it has not. Growing up I always had this vision of me coming back to the church I grew up in and reminiscing with all my friends and family about the good ole’ days and the times to come. I thought that I would have meaningful heartfelt conversations with people that had watched me grow up. I thought it would be kind of like the movies when the hometown hero comes back home after journeying off, and everybody knows him and loves him. But it wasn’t like that. It was the total opposite. When I was 18 years old I left my home state of Virginia to move south to Georgia. It was like after I left Virginia I was alone, facing this big world with no where to call home. That’s a dangerous place for a young man to be, because on  his own he might be prone to making rash, ill-advised decisions. It was, I did. I forgot who I was for a long time. There was no place of reference in the sea of new southern faces. No anchors I could hold onto. No family I could reach out to. Just me and the occasional Facebook or text message from a friend or relative. Over time meaningful relationships were cultivated and a new foundation was established, but I just wonder how different things may have been if people I had grown up with, and people I loved had not have lost contact with me? I feel like love true love is not concerned with distance, because the people we love stay in our hearts. Spent nights wondering who had I been calling my friends for the last 15 years, people who couldn’t call and check up on me? It became a sore spot on my soul, and still is. I came to the conclusion that I would try my best to let those closest to me always know that they are loved no matter where they go, so that no one I knew would ever feel alone, like I did.


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