believeWhat will it take for us to start believing? That’s what I wondered as I wandered the streets this morning, what would it take for people to believe that there is hope? It seems as if the majority of people feel that we are beyond recovery and more importantly beyond repair. I just want to know who says? Who says we have to stop trying? When have we every been okay with giving in to the numbers? I think in the grand scheme of things its not numbers that determine the outcome of events, it’s what we believe. We got to believe in our communities. We got to believe in our local businesses. We cannot continue to have our minds made for us by the media who is only concerned with ratings. They’re good people in our small towns with great ideas and great services. Why shouldn’t we support them? Because of what we’ve heard on the news about unemployment? Because of what we’ve read about the economy? We have the power to change our reality and bring life back to our small cities and towns all across America. The question is, what will you believe? ;


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