Little Church Syndrome

Does every church have to be big to be effective? Obviously the answer to that is no, but it seems that’s the ideology among lots of church attenders and church leadership. After all, who wants to be a part of something small right? Nobody. I think that its actually discouraging to a lot of ministers when they can’t “grow” their ministries. But I never read a verse where “growing” a church numerically is that important. I mean I could be totally wrong, I’m no biblical scholar or anything, I just think that Christ is more concerned about the heart of people. I often ask myself what’s more important, 50 hearts that have been changed, or 500 bodies in a building? I mean I know it might be cliche’ to say this, but Jesus only had 12 people in His ministry. 12 people who subsequently changed the landscape of world religion. I mean I hate it because it’s feels like a lot of ministers in effort to feed their own ambitions invite tons of people to their church, people driving for many miles just to be a part of the “popular” church and that’s cool, but  what about the community? Building monuments to their ministries in these multimillion dollar facilities, all the while being out of touch with the communities they reside in. Back in the day the church was the hub of local activities in American communities. Some towns would hold town hall meetings in church. The local church was an entity in American culture. Think about that. Now you got these huge buildings with million dollar lighting and audio equipment, only opened to the public on certain days? I don’t know I just wish sometimes we could get back to the basics. Numbers don’t matter. Back to caring about those around us, truly caring. It doesn’t take any effort to drive out to the projects twice a month to drop off bread to people in need. It takes love to invite the needy right down the street into your house, and provide them with your personal groceries. That sounds so dynamic but is it? I thought that’s what were called too. I’m not against “mega-ministries” I’m really not. But I am against it being the central focus of up and coming church leaders.


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