Something about Paul!

I was reading in Acts about Paul’s conversion.

It’s a story that I’m familiar with, and mostly everyone is. It’s an amazing  story.

I have literally so many questions when I read the Bible and the questions are usually nonsensical. In this instance, I wondered why Paul went blind?

Was God punishing Paul?

Was He flexing on Paul?

What was the deal?

Then as I read further, I imagined what Ananias must have felt like, and rightfully so. 

I started thinking about how people must’ve looked at Paul initially. I imagine that the fear in their eyes initially would have been so discouraging to Paul and so God blinded him not out of punishment but for protection. Never took his hearing, because He had to be led. We walk by faith not by sight and faith comes by…hearing. So if God can change what you see, He can change who you be. 

Do with that as you will.

This isn’t a Bible study, it’s just my blog.

-W. Isaiah Garnett

Optimistic Ramblings

So I keep hoping,

because at this point,

which is less than a point and more of a


it’s all I have.

I keep hoping 

as if 

it were a currency

which keeps the 

lights of my

dreams on

though life has

sent late notices

I keep hoping

and writing

and singing

and talking

because as long 

as the lights are on

I’ll show the world

I kept on

and will keep on

until the switch

is flipped.”

-W. Isaiah Garnett


What does it mean

When people want to believe

everything but the


That’s what got us here in the first place.

We believed everything


“don’t eat that”.

-W. Isaiah Garnett


I was at the barbershop the other day when I saw a father and his young son.

As they prepared to leave, the father noticed that it was raining.

So, like a good father he ran to his vehicle to turn it on and look for his son’s coat.

When he came back he told him, “I’m going to carry you because you don’t have your jacket so you might get a little wet…”

The father’s love for his son was plastered all over his face. You could hear it when he spoke to him. His voice was as strong and as sure as the love he exuded. You could see it in the glimmer in his eye and the length of his smile.

The little boy nodded understandingly and climbed to his fathers arms to be escorted to his destination.

In that moment I was reminded that even though the Lord is faithful to carry us through things it doesn’t mean there won’t still be some rain we have to deal with from time to time…

regardless, we can rest assured He will get us where we need to be, because He love us.



It’s something that people don’t like to discuss, like life insurance or feelings, but the fact is, war happens, it’s a thing.

Our world has been shaped by wars geographically,socially and emotionally.

I find it poetic that something as devastating and destructive as war is what serves as the compost for peace. Peace, being something we all talk and sing about yet, the truth of it is not as pretty as the songs , and as with most precious things, it comes with a price.

So my question to you today is, what are you willing to go to war with for your peace?

Is it even worth fighting for?