As I grow older, I’m learning.

Learning to appreciate time.

The time it takes to write this, and also appreciating you taking the time to read this…if anybody reads it.

I don’t know…just some random thought I had today.


Been Awhile…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written last, or since the last time that I’ve written.

Nobody reads this, and that used to bother me, but not anymore.

The older that I get my need for validation has grown obsolete. I think that validation and recognition are sicknesses. I suffered from them both.


Now I am comfortable saying that I can live my life free of fame or recognition. I am not the star of my life….


I have all these ideas in my head.

All this inspiration in my heart, and no where to put it.

No one too listen.

I just want to be great at something that I love…

So I just keep learning, and listening.

Living in a world where all the voices of reason sound foreign. The thought of “ordinary” is like a cancer and “mundane” like psoriasis.

I wanna talk about things that matter, and not trivial conversations.

I’m done with trivial.

I want someone to tell me a good book to read. I wanna hear what people really think about life. I wanna talk about our failures and our greatest loves and leaps of faith. I want our discussion to have no boundaries. I wanna push the political envelope on issues that the media distorts. I want to talk about the media. I wanna talk about America, from a position of optimism. With like minded individuals who don’t look, dress, act or talk like me.

All these thoughts in my head.

Songs and rhythms…

A tapestry of emotion, experience…and bullshit.

Because anybody that’s lived a little knows that it’s not all pretty.

I could be great…

I could be insignificant…

Song Concept

We don’t know who we are…

Or what we want…

Most times we unsure what to say…

What to think…

How to feel…

Maybe Your the answer to our questions…

Maybe Your the reason to our why?


Lately, it’s been harder to describe how I’m feeling. Not because I don’t know how I feel, but because I don’t think anybody will understand.

So sure I want to believe, but unable to.

Either you really get me or you don’t.

I think my biggest downfall is that I challenge what I believe.

I want to be sure my opinions are my opinions and not the by product of a Gospel saturated society that I live in.

Is that fear?

Relented Consent

I swear.

I try my hardest not to think about You.

But, honestly when I hear your name I feel like my hearts going to jump out my chest, and I don’t know why.

I’ve tried to make sense of it all.

I’ve stayed away from you, and people that know you.

I’ve turned off all radio stations and put all the books about you on the shelf.

But somehow,

in spite of all my efforts…

I keep coming back to You….